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Music Production Workshops

About The Series

Student learning to write, record and produce music

Xylo Aria, founder of Music Production for Women (MPW), is leading a free online series to teach music production to beginners. The first hour-long session will explore synthesis, unravelling secrets behind waveforms and ADSR envelopes to empower participants in shaping unique sonic landscapes. The second session will guide participants in creating their first beat, including drums, synths, bass and melodies. Open to all, these sessions are designed to encourage artists taking their first steps in music production and require no prior experience.

About Your Host

Xylo Aria

Music Production for Women

Founded by artist, producer and Top 50 East London Innovator, Xylo Aria, Music Production for Women (MPW) is a global movement and learning platform. It empowers women taking their initial steps into music production, providing a supportive environment. Since 2019, MPW has worked with over 7000 students from 120+ countries and has been named a finalist in the 2022 and 2023 Business xCellence Awards, Women's Business Awards and IABCA Business Awards.