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About The Series

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In this series of masterclasses, you'll gain practical insights and strategies to maximise your impact on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Spotify, regardless of your current following. Ayaz will cover equipment recommendations to enhance your video quality, content concepts and effective scheduling. With vast experience advising major music brands, he has a proven track record, and can support with boosting your views on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, as well as enhancing your streaming numbers.

About Your Host

Ayaz Aftab Hussain

Ayaz Hussain from All About Helping - Press Photo

Social media strategist, Ayaz Aftab Hussain, is the founder and host of the All About Helping Podcast. With over a decade of consulting experience for prominent music brands and labels including GRM Daily, SB:TV, Sony Music, Relentless Records and more, Ayaz is a seasoned industry expert. He has propelled independent artists to over 18 million Spotify streams and 25 million YouTube views through private coaching and digital courses. Take advantage of his free masterclasses online and in-person to supercharge your own social media strategy and content creation.

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